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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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What is Slinky Tutoring?

Slinky is an outreach partnership of Monroe UM Church and Amanda UM Church.  It’s an after-school program for elementary children of the Middletown City School District.  Most students come from Amanda Elementary directly across the street from Amanda UMC.  As they shift into a different setting, they find themselves uplifted through music and refueled with a snack.   

Mentoring tutors come for about an hour on Mondays and/or Wednesdays beginning at 4:20pm during the school year.  

Improving/reinforcing skills in reading, math, and other subjects is our objective.  

If your child needs encouragement or if you want to make a positive impact as a volunteer, please contact Gina Craft at 937-514-3793 or at   


Why should I be a Slinky Tutor? 

Most agree that a healthy social life, taking on mental challenges, and finding happiness are all keys to a long and healthy life. It is no coincidence that mentoring is correlated with all three of these aspects. It is through this enrichment program that lives are changed - not only for the student, but also for the mentoring tutor. Realizing a student's progress through one's own kindness, patience, and loyalty is a self-witnessing measure of spiritual growth. Please consider giving back the gifts your Father God so graciously gave you.  


Q & A between director and mentors: 


Q: "How do you benefit from volunteering at Slinky?" 

A: "I get to see firsthand how I'm helping them and their families."

A: "It takes me out of my comfort zone and gives me mental challenges." 

A: "It made me realize that I'm good with children and can make a difference in their lives." 

A: "I have learned through working with 'at risk' children, that even small strides can lead to great successes.".


Stewardship that helps children to know God and themselves is more than just gratifying; it gives us purpose!


Contact Gina Craft at 937-514-3793 or to get started.  

Minimal training will be offered but is not required.